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Martha Maffei, Executive Director at SEPA Mujer, a Latina…

Martha Maffei is the executive director at SEPA Mujer. SEPA Mujer stands for the well-being and success of Latina immigrant women on Long Island. Our objective is to raise and unite our voices to be heard by the social and political systems in our communities. Through our work, we strive to nurture and improve civic engagement through leadership skills and legal representation.

What influenced you to do what you do?
I was influenced by indigenous women and women from the Andes in my home country, Peru. I worked and learned through their power, strength. Through that experience I learned to value the true meanings of community.

What inspires you?
Our members, the amazing women at SEPA Mujer, because they are the true leaders. Their success stories keep my soul alive. The way we embrace one another, step up together, and stand not above but next to each other through organizing is what inspires me. It’s through their trust and resistance I have been inspired to fight the good fight.

Who’s your female role model and why?
I have many female role models like Maxima Acuña, Dolores Huertas, Rigoberta Menchu, to name come of them. The role model I had growing up was Maria Elena Moyano, an Afro- Peruvian community organizer, feminist and activist who was assassinated by the Maoist Shining Path Terrorist group, the day before she had led a protest against the Shining Path. They retaliated by killing her in front of her son, Gustavo, and husband, David. They went ahead to blow up her lifeless body with dynamite, in what many considered a way to warn others who were against them. Her legacy and power is what has inspired me and other women to protect our families and communities. Even after her assassination, her story and impact live on forever.

What is your greatest achievement?
Through the work at SEPA Mujer, we are bringing the power back to the community. People use their voices to empower themselves and not rely on others to speak for them. It is rewarding to see immigrant women setting up the movement on Long Island.

What would you like our donors to know about you and your mission?
I would like them to know the truly and meaningful power of grassroots leadership. Latinas on Long Island are organizing and making a difference. Through your donations, which SEPA Mujer relies on immensely, you will not only be assisting Latina women but their families and communities as well. You will give us the resource to be able to continue the reuniting of families, leadership development, community organizing, and legal representation. Your donations will go directly to the community, investing in them for decades to come.

Check out their website at to learn more of the incredible work they do.

Long Island Community Foundation | A Division of The New York Community Trust
900 Walt Whitman Road | (Rt. 110) Suite 205 | Melville, NY 11747
P (631) 991-8800 | Directions | Staff | Comments on the Website

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